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Historic Manufacturers of the Arts & Crafts Movement

Generic Mission Furniture Makers

, , USA
Brooks Brothers
, , USA
Charles Greenman Company
, , USA
Columbia Parlor Frame Company
Chicago, IL, USA
Conrey & Birely Table Company
Shelbyville, IN, USA
CS Paine Company
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Delaware Chair Company
Deleware, OH, USA
Hartman Furniture & Carpet Company
Chicago, IL, USA
HT Cushman Mfg Company
North Benington, VT, USA
JS Ford, Johnson and Company
Chicago, IL, USA
Kimble & Chappell Company
Chicago, IL, USA
LG Fullman & Sons
Ludlow, VT, USA
Mayer (1888 - 1926)
Chicago, IL, USA
Prairie style Furniture and Architecture
S Karpen & Brothers
Chicago, IL, USA
Sheyboygan Furniture Company
Sheyboygan, WI, USA
Skanda Furniture Company
Rockford, IL, USA
Stanton H Hackett
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Udell Works
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Wisconsin Manufacturing Company
Jefferson, WI, USA
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