Index to Historic House Architecture

Historic House Architecture

Guide to Historic Houses with emphasis on Late-Victorian and Craftsman Style Bungalows

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Historic Architecture Index:

Historic Houses, Architecture and Society (Discussion)
I include the social context rather than architecture alone because the study of architecture and the primary focus of preservation movements are too frequently reduced to the study of "Great Buildings" or "Great Architects." More important in my mind are people and society, neighborhoods and streetscapes.

Victorian Styles

Queen Anne (ca: 1885-1900)
Richardson Romanesque/Shingle Style (ca: 1885-1905)
Four Square/Denver Square (ca: 1895-1910)

Craftsman Style Bungalows and the Post-Victorian Era

Historical Background: The Arts & Crafts Movement
Craftsman Style Bungalows (ca: 1905-1929)
Gustav Stickley and The Craftsman Home--Ray Stubblebine.

Cottage Styles of the 1920's and 1930's

Introduction: Cottage Syles
Spanish Mission and Colonial Styles (ca: 1920's)
English Cottages and Tudor (ca: late 1920's to early 1940's)

Modern Architecture and the Ranch Style

Deco/Modernism (ca: 1930-1970)
The Ranch Style (ca: 1940-1980)

Architectural Police Blotter

Victorian Architectural Police Tip
Craftsman Architectural Police Tip
Cottage Architectural Police Tip1
Cottage Architectural Police Tip2
Ranch Architectural Police Tip

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